The philosophy of CBS-CS’s committee structure encourages active participation in synagogue life and leadership. There are Standing Committees which are led by Vice-Presidents and ad hoc committees created as needed and headed by chairs.

The Board of Trustees, which meets once a month, is responsible for the overall management and administration of the affairs of the Congregation. Board members are entrusted with making decisions for the present and future state of the congregation. The Board is comprised of the President, Executive Vice-President, six committee Vice Presidents, a minimum of ten and a maximum of 30 Trustees per our By-Laws, two secretaries, and the Presidents of Men’s Club and Sisterhood. Terms of services are two years, but members can serve in different capacities when they complete a term.

Each of the Standing Committees of the Congregation is headed by a Vice President. These committees make many of the policy and procedure recommendations that are eventually brought before the Board of Trustees and also the entire congregation, as warranted.

Adult Education
Members of the Adult Education Committee plan and arrange classes, including ones suggested by congregation members and the rabbi. The committee is charged with overseeing all aspects of the annual Scholar-in-Residence Weekend and planning an occasional Beit Midrash (House of Study) after a Shabbat Spot lunch.
Members of the Finance Committee review Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets every month. They also review the statements of all checking and investment accounts. The committee reviews and approves requests from other committees for annual budgets and for other expenditures.
The House committee oversees all aspects of indoor and outdoor maintenance and upgrades of the upper building and the lower building, which is rented to The New School.
The Membership Committee is responsible for communications with prospective new members, welcoming those who have joined the congregation and helping them integrate into the community, and working to maintain existing membership. The committee delivers “Welcome to CBS-CS” bags of goodies to new members shortly after they join. The committee organizes the annual Labor Day Back-to-Shul Barbeque, staffs an information table at JMAC (the Jewish Musical & Cultural Festival), matches new members with Shabbat dinner hosts, and plans the Shabbat Welcome service.
The Ritual Committee works in conjunction with the rabbi to make policy and procedure recommendations. Recent changes have included a once-a-month Friday Shabbat services with musical instruments and the implementation of a Kashrut policy for potluck meals.
Youth and Education
The Youth and Education Committee works closely with the Director of the Religious School, teachers, and the Youth Advisors on curriculum and programming.

Many other committees contribute to the functioning of the congregation. Some are subcommittees of a Standing Committee or are an ad hoc committee formed to deal with a particular issue for a short time: These include, but are not limited to:

Beautification and Interior Design
This committee works with the House Committee to see that there is an overall design concept when floors, paint, furniture, decorations, etc. need to be changed.
The Cemetery Committee keeps track of available and sold plots in a number of cemeteries in Central New York for use as needed by members. The Finance Committee sets the price of new plots for members and nonmembers.
Communication and Technology
This committee oversees computer and technology needs, including development and oversight of the website and mailing lists.
Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee consists of three Board of Trustee members and three non-Board members who recruit the slate of officers and members of the next year’s BOT. The slate is presented at the Annual Congregation Meeting each May.
Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee provides annual performance evaluations for full-time staff, based on surveys and feedback from the congregation.