Russian-born Marc Chagall was one of the most recognizable and popular artists of the early modern period. He is often regarded as the quin- tessential Jewish artist. Because Chagall lived a long and prolific life, it was not possible for Prof. Chai to consider more than a small portion of his life and art in her first presentation on Chagall in May of 2017. Therefore, she would like to discuss additional examples of the themes and “symbols,” or recurring motifs, that may only have been touched upon last year– such as lovers, brides, flowers, the circus, music, and the wandering Jew. Prof. Chai will present a few examples of Chagall’s later work, including his spectacular stained glass commissions, and briefly consider his evolving style.

Sandra Chai taught for more than 25 years in the Department of Fine Arts (now the Department of Art and Music Histories) at Syracuse University, including three semesters at the Syracuse Universi- ty London Centre. Prof. Chai taught the Honors Survey courses every semester, as well as upper- level and some graduate-level courses. Her areas of expertise are Impressionism and Post- Impressionism, Dada and Surrealism, Modern Brit- ish Art, and Modern American Art. Her published papers include topics on Surrealism and Post- Impressionism (Vincent van Gogh in particular).

Open to the community at no charge. Refreshments will be available.