We meet people where they are/Ba’asher hu sham.
We value collaboration/Shutafut.
We see Jewish life as a blend of Tradition/Masoret and Innovation/Hidush.
We see a Sacred Covenant at the heart of the congregation’s life/Brit.
We cultivate a multiplicity of paths in Jewish life/Kol Netivoteha Shalom.

CBS-CS is a diverse and dynamic Conservative Jewish congregation. Our warm, engaging, knowledgeable rabbi and energetic staff work with a large volunteer corps to develop innovative programs – religious, spiritual, educational, pastoral and social – that appeal to the varied interests of our membership. Our understanding of the imperative to cultivate the future of the Jewish People underlies our commitment to youth. We foster intergenerational connections, formally and informally.

We create, maintain, and utilize a sizeable pool of qualified congregants to lead and participate in our services. Sufficient financial resources enable us to respond to the evolving needs of our congregation, keeping members of all ages actively engaged, using both traditional and modern modalities. We strive to promote relationships within the larger Syracuse Jewish community, as well as with other faith communities. Through all of these endeavors, we are building a community of people living a fuller, more meaningful Jewish life.